Permanent exhibit


"Je me souviens"

100 years of Royal 22e Régiment history

In 1914, with the First World War just underway, popular outcry led to the formation of the "22nd Battalion (French Canadian)" so that French Canadians could serve in their own language. French-speaking recruits from Canada and the United States came and joined the 22nd Battalion (today's Royal 22e Régiment) and went off to fight in Europe.

The Museum's permanent exhibition, "Je me souviens" tracks the highs and lows of the "Van Doos" of the infantry through their 100-year history, as well as the lives of the soldiers of this infantry unit.

This modern, interactive exhibition features:

  • The soldiers: their faces and stories
  • Archival videos
  • Interactive battle maps and charts
  • Objects never before on public view

The Citadelle: Its History and Architecture

Part of the museum is set aside for the history of the Citadelle of Québec from the days of New France to the Royal 22e Régiment's arrival in 1920. The architectural military heritage of the Citadelle is highlighted by the original vaults of the East Casemate—the historic building in which the Museum is located—and other architectural features in the interactive terminals.

Honour and Memory Medals Gallery

The Honour and Memory Medals Gallery presents the Museum's collection of medals, orders, and decorations in a solemn, respectful setting. The Honour and Memory Gallery has over 300 sets of medals awarded to Royal 22e Régiment members, revealing the person behind the medal through biographies on interactive terminals.


The exhibition was made possible through the generous support of the Departement of National Defence's Directorate of History and Heritage and other donors.